Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Operating Principles

Airless Shot Blasting Machine Hanger Type with number of Blast Wheels varying according to the job size for the wide variety of work pieces for large production output in terms of surface treatment. The overhead conveyor carries the job in & out of the blast cabinet where numbers of blast wheel are located depending upon the type of the job for attaining homogeneous finish

Major parts of the machine include blast wheel for giving high production output, overhead conveyor for job conveying & the media recovery, consist of bucket elevator, screw conveyor, rotary screen separator etc. & dust collector.

Technical Specification

S. No. Description HANGER-350” HANGER-450” HANGER-550”
1. Chamber Size (mm) 1250x1250x2000 mm 1400x1400x2800 mm 1800x2200x3000 mm
Hanger size 1000x600 dia. 1000x600 dia. 1500x1200 dia.
No. Of HANGER 1 1 1
Max. Load On HANGER 350 Kg. 450 Kg. 550 Kg.
RPM Of HANGER 11 11 11
HP Of HANGER Motor 1 1 1
2.   Turbines           
No. of Blast Wheel 2 2 2
Size of Blast Wheel 12 X 2 ½ inches RLM type 15 X 2 ½ inches RLM type 19 X 2 ½ inches RLM type
H.P. of Blast Wheel 7.5 Hp each 10 Hp each 15 Hp each
3.   Recovery System    
Drive For Bucket Elevator(HP) 1 1 3
4.   Filter Systems    
Type of Dust Collector Fabric Bag Fabric Bag Fabric Bag
Fan (HP) 5 7.5 15
CFM of Dust Collector 4000 4000 4000
  Shaker for dust collector(HP) 1 1 2
5.   Machine Dimensions Refer Drg. Refer Drg. Refer Drg.
6.   TOTAL POWER REQUIRED 23 HP 30.5 HP 50.5 HP approx
Note: Above specifications are subject to change due to continuous development of product.